Contact Lens Therapy A Non surgical Way To Improve Eyesight Richmond Hill

Contact Lens Therapy Richmond Hill, ON

Contact Lens Therapy

Many patients prefer to wear contact lenses as their primary source of vision correction. It can give you a more natural vision without obstruction from the glasses frame, making it a good choice for patients with an active life style. Contact lenses are medical devices being inserted into the eye, lens safety and hygiene is important to maintain good eye health.

A contact lens consultation will allow our doctors to assess the health of the cornea and the quality of the tear film to ensure the proper lenses are chosen to give our patients the most comfortable lens wear experience possible.

Follow up exams is important once the contact lenses have been dispensed to ensure no ocular health issue arises from the wearing of the lenses as well the prescription is accurate to provide optimal vision.

Constant new development by the contact lens industry allows a wide variety of lens choice available to meet the vision needs of all our patients.

Daily Disposables:

The most healthy and convenient modality available. Single use lenses, no more solution and cleaning.

Toric Lenses:

Lenses specifically designed to give patients with astigmatism the sharpest vision possible.

Multifocal Lenses:

When your contact lenses no longer allow you to read comfortably (or your arm are not long enough to bring near image in focus), multifocal lenses can bring the near environment back in focus. Available in soft and rigid gas permeable material.

MiSight (specialty Contact Lenses):

These one day soft lenses are used in managing myopia in children. They work to slow the lengthening of the eye resulting in a reduction in myopic progression.

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